RaWood offers RUF square (block) briquettes manufactured from premium sawdust with no additives like glue and other chemicals. Manufactured with high quality German briquetter, the mix of alder and birch sawdust is the best formula for long lasting burn, making the briquettes perfectly golden brown (the colour of Premium RUF briquettes). The heat output of a single pallet of briquettes is equivalent to 8m³ of seasoned logs – a saving of approximately 40%. RUF briquettes are extremely easy to use and they produce minimum level of ash.

Description Value
Combusting temperature 4246 Kcal/kg
Moisture »10%
Ash content »0,7%
Mechanical durability 95%
Size Ø 65×270 – 300 mm
Packaging Pallet 96 x10kg bags, total 960kg per pallet