RaWood Export

RaWood Export is a family owned company, located in Latvia, that produces premium wood fuel. Product portfolio consists of several wood fuel products, including: firewood, briquettes, pellets and charcoal.

We are transparent, reliable, sustainable and growth driven. We guarantee highest quality, competitive prices and sustainable partnership. With our communication and help our clients build large scale businesses.

Currently RaWood Export is exporting to United Kingdom (70% of total exporting volume), Germany (10% of total exporting volume), France (10% of total exporting volume) and other countries (10% of total exporting volume).

Over the years, we have found a way how to improve quality, increase efficiency, communication and have distinguish ourselves from other wood fuel producers with these qualities.

We build trust with our clients and help them to improve their position in global wood fuel market. During the off-season period, we upgrade our production and storage facilities, which is one of several ways how we to ensure consistent quality and increased our production capacity.

In 2017 we have built a warehouses for 350 truckloads of firewood, which allows us to keep stock for our customers for the season, and therefore we are able to have stock ready to ship without manufacturing lead time. For firewood our current equipment includes: 8 wood chopping machines, 4 kilns with fully computerised drying process and a warehouses , with a lot of trained, skilled and experienced production officers and a production manager.

We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Why We Exist

Our Mission Provide our Customers wood fuel products that foster their business growth.

What We Want To Accomplish

Our Vision Be the No 1 wood fuel producer in Baltic States.

How We Will Do It: Our Values

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency

Our team

Bag Jānis Slāvietis

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bag Raivis Slāvietis

Production Director


Operations Manager

Bag Kristaps Krauja

Export & Import Manager

Bag Dzintars

Production Manager

Bag Olga

Key Accountant

Kārlis Sīlis

Sales Director

Anita Kripa

Sales Assistant

Laura Stabulīte

Transport Manager

Production Team


Facts About RaWood Export

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